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The digital transformation of the Artist

Almost a year after the discussion of my Master's thesis in Digital Marketing Specialist entitled "The digital transformation of the Artist" I decided to share with you the concepts that I summarized in my thesis and that I apply daily in the digitalisation of my clients .

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In a series of articles in the coming weeks, I will address various issues relating to the definition of digital transformation and why the artist should undertake this transformation journey.

I will also talk about the various focal points of the development of this transformation applied specifically to the figure of the artist and in detail, the processes and services for evolution in the digital field:

  • Brand identity

  • Business +Digital Plan

  • Definition of the strategy

  • Choice of channels and forms of communication

  • Digital presence


We will also talk about curiosities such as historical data on the correlation between marketing and art, examples regarding the digitalization of artists of the highest level of the musical world and the testimonies of some key figures in the world of opera on the topic of digitalization.

Let's open a vision of the future by describing some possible innovative tools to convey Art in the digital world!

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is by definition that set of changes in human society that are technological, cultural, social, organizational and managerial, but also creative in accordance with and related to the application of digital technology.

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This transformation applied specifically to the figure of the artist, presents itself as the process of evolution and development in the digital sphere of the artist which, starting from the authentic and identity core of himself, reaches his own digital Presence through the tools and technologies available.

The artist aware of the contemporary world not only comes into contact with web 2.0 becoming a natural mass user and enjoyer of it, but also knows and exploits its enormous informative, aggregative and communicative potential and is interested in the tools related to it, making them available service of one's art and in service of one's artistic and business objectives.

He makes web 2.0 his own, faithfully making it an extension of himself.

Artist on the web

The transformation thus becomes a path of awareness for the artist, in which the abstract and the concrete come together in the communication of himself and his own art form.

The artist today must necessarily know personal branding, affirm the authority of his brand and transfer it to his audience, therefore know what the digital communication tools are, who his stakeholders are, be aware of his objectives and strategy in the digital field to reach them, know who the target audience is and how to reach them.

Happy journey in digitalization!

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