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Social or website?

What my digital clients often ask me is "Laura, do you think I should focus more on the website or on social networks?". Well, first of all it depends.

We assume that one does not exclude the other in structuring your digital presence, indeed they are all useful for creating that web network of coherent and inherent contents to your business that in fact identify you. This consistency and completeness of content and information leads to a greater indexing of the site, therefore a better positioning, a greater involvement of your audience of interest which then translates into Lead generation, conversion, impression, sale or reservations.

Get you website

"Yes, but so where should I start, from the website or from the social networks?"

Definitely from the website.

Whether you are a freelancer or you own or manage a company, the basis of the digital presence is the website as it represents your digital identity card, it belongs to you and collects all the content you create, information about you and on your business and can collect the data of your customers or potential such that they can eventually book your services directly from the site and purchase products.

But not only! The website represents the digital sign of your company. Would you like your sign to be turned off?

"So the website is enough for me! I can exclude social networks, right? I don't even like them, personally I can't stand them!"

No; and you need to choose the right SN for you. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest ... and I've just mentioned a few!

Your audience of interest will certainly spend most of their (free) time in one and more likely in more than one of them, so it is essential to first define, analyze and listen to your audience.

Choose the social networks that are right for you and feed your audience through them with valuable content and consistency.

"Great, I have the site and I manage the social channels. Now what should I do?"

First of all, constantly create valuable content, they will help you increase your Brand authority or the authority of your brand, give your customers the opportunity to leave you reviews and respond to each of them, involve the community on social networks and always remember to insert clear links to your website where a registration pop-up after a few seconds invites users to leave their data.

Now you are ready for the adv campaigns!

That's right ... not before now!

We will talk about advertising campaigns on Google and on social networks in the next article!

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