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DIGITALIZATION - Digital Transformation

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Digitalization or Digitization ot Digital transformation

What is digitalization or digital transformation

DT (Digital Transformation) can be defined as the integration of digital technologies into all areas of the business, mainly to change the way the company operates and delivers value to the customer.

DT has dramatically changed the way companies do business.

DT also makes use of the following technologies

- Artificial Intelligence

- Virtual reality

- Analytics (date)

- The Internet of Things

- Mobile technology


You can adapt DT to your business through a tailor-made strategy, adopting the marketing tools useful to achieve your objectives

How can I understand which technologies and strategies to use?

With the help of a web strategist and digital specialist you can understand which tools and technologies on the market to use, you will evaluate which ones can be useful for your business strategy and you will start the digital transformation path that is right for you.

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