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Anxiety for perform...digitization 2.0

Digitization is a bridge that must be crossed for companies and professionals.

What is on the other side is web 2.0, that is opportunities, ultra-fast communication without geographical limitations, connectivity of social networks and niches, conscious and latent needs and tons of information! We are totally immersed in this increasingly virtual reality that is rapidly evolving towards the Metaverse, staying out of it means staying on the sidelines, being ousted and having to find yourself at some point running and running and running to get back in step with the times.

An effort that must be made.

Digitization path

As we have already seen in my previous article "Social or website?", Your website represents your digital identity card, your catalog and your showcase on the web.

But clearly that's not enough.

Your customers want to know who you are, what you do, how you do it and above all what other customers think of you and what they should expect from your company as a UX (i.e. user experience) which clearly does not end with the service or product purchased from you. you, but begins much earlier and ends much later (or does not end in terms of costumer lifetime value).

A digital presence therefore includes several very useful tools such as shops, platforms, social selling, management of reviews, management of social networks, valuable content, analysis of results, etc ...

Your prospects, potential customers, want to see how prepared and competent you are in the field in which you operate, because I repeat, we are in the information age where information is not only sought, but even demanded, it is shared among the various users through reviews and social networks and is held in the highest consideration in the decision-making phase of purchase.

Digitalization anxiety

Have you noticed that you had underestimated many of the things mentioned above and now you feel overwhelmed by anxiety?

There is no need to panic. #Staycalm!

The digitization of a company requires time, patience and above all awareness.

The first step is therefore done if you have come to read this far.

The moment is the right one, of the "great reset" of the post Covid era.

Now you need a strategy, we can build it and cross the bridge together to strengthen your business.

Contact me and I will answer all your questions, without obligation and #nostress.

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