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3 things not to do on the web

For a correct digital presence on various channels such as website, social networks, e-commerce,

there are errors to avoid, very widespread and common in which even unwittingly you risk running into. Together with my clients we have been able to identify and correct them together.

Do you recognize any of them?

Read on to find out what are the 3 web mistakes to avoid.

1 - Be inconsistent

2 - Not knowing your target audience

3 - Improvise

1- Be inconsistent

What does it mean to be inconsistent on the web?

Giving a confused image of oneself, which is realized in having more than one logo, different names in the various social profiles connected to the site, not having defined the graphic palette, having an email address or telephone number inconsistent in the various channels, poor quality and / or care of the published contents ... are some examples, among the most common.

What effect does this have?

Confusion and perplexity in your customer, who does not know who you are and what you are proposing. Perception of lack of professionalism and care in introducing yourself and therefore feeling of poor reliability.

Mistrust on the web reigns supreme especially when it comes to purchasing goods and services, so it is essential not to undermine your brand authority, but rather to inspire trust in your potential customer through what you can show about yourself and your business on the web.

What can I do?

Trust a professional to help you define your Brand Identity and give it a correct image on all channels :)

2 - Not knowing your target audience

What does it mean to know my target audience?

The web is a sea of opportunities and an ocean of

people contained within it.

A few numbers to give you an idea:

In Italy

50 million people active every day on the web

41 million people active on Social Media

90% choose Google as their search engine

52% surf from mobile phones especially outside working hours and at home after 8pm

The catchment area is huge and needs to be segmented.

For example, if your business is more about a male, female or gender free audience, what age group, what cultural level, how they spend their time on the internet and which social networks they frequent, there is valuable information to collect in order to reach exactly who. is interested in what you propose and also to create content in line with the tastes of your potential customers.

What effect does this have?

You risk getting lost in the immensity of the web and not getting to be seen by those who are really interested in you with consequent loss of business opportunities for your business.

What can I do?

The action to be taken is to have you carry out a Market Research that can give you all the information you need and start being found by your audience.

To get a minimal but concrete idea of the potential of market research, visit Google Trends and see, compare and predict the search volumes on certain keywords of your interest

3 - Improvise

What do you mean by improvising?

Deciding out of the blue to start sharing content on social media or opening an e-commerce can also be good, but only if there is a study, an analysis and a strategy at the base.

A social network cannot exist without an editorial plan that has clear business objectives, feed design, messages to communicate to different audiences, quality material ...

An e-commerce in the age of information and the "do it yourself", requires a business plan, marketing actions, technical skills that only professionals in the sector can guarantee.

What effect does this have?

A huge waste of your time in the first place.

The risk is also that you have made, albeit minimal, investments in platforms, courses, purchase of images, advertising campaigns ... which will be totally lost as they will not produce results over time.

A flop basically.

What can I do?

Once the objectives of your business on the web are clear, analyze them with a professional and plan with him the various steps to be taken, actions and investments.

The most suitable figure for strategic planning is the Web Strategist who will know, in the various phases, to direct you to the appropriate professional figure for the digital development of the project and will be able to verify the results with you and make corrections to the various tactics applied to the strategy. .

If you want to learn more about this topic in a one to one call

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