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I create and manage a press communication strategy for you by season and individual events or brand awareness communication project.


The communications team will produce:

- Organization of n. 1 press conference for the presentation of n. 1 Season or n. 1 series of linked events or n. 1 Brand

- N. 1 generic press release for n. 1 Season or n. 1 series of connected events or n. 1 Brand

- N. 1 Press Release for n. 2 spot events in Tuscany or n. 1 spot event outside the Tuscany region

with publication in local and national newspapers or n. 2 Brand specific services.

Press office BIG

  • It will not be possible to request a return or refund.

  • Expenses for a possible subscription to a press review service such as Presstoday, any advertising costs for articles of a commercial nature, expenses for travel beyond 100km from Florence, any overnight stays are excluded.

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