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Phase 1 of the purchase in two solutions of the creation of the minisite.

At the end of this first phase nothing is delivered, but shown and approved  the preview of the site.


What do I specifically do at this stage?


I create for you a showcase, a minisite  made up of a single page that contains all the content you are interested in sharing with your audience, a short bio o_cc781905-5cde-3194 -136bad5cf58d_curriculum vitae, the news section to update your audience on upcoming engagements, link  to your social networks,   contact form to be contacted, link to YouTube for your videos promotional, app for notifications of visits to the site in real time and optimized for mobile. 

You provide videos and photos, resumes and bio. I'll take care of the rest. Let's define the graphic palette and the structure together.


La first half of the service therefore includes briefing, design, structure and presentation of the site preview.


[Part 2 follows for the online publication to be purchased separately in the Shop and named  "2/2 Artist Minisite Showcase Landing page"]


ThereThe purchase of the domain and the premium functionality are calculated in this phase and are at your expense, to be purchased separately. The purchase is optional, but recommended when going online.

1/2 Artist Minisite Showcase Landing page

  • It will not be possible to request a return or refund once the site is online.




    The site will be delivered and therefore put online the following month (approximately 40 working days after) you send all the material necessary for its construction. The changes/additions can be made within the month following the online posting, after which they must be purchased as ADD ON.




    The updating of the news section, if present, I will teach you how to manage it and will be your responsibility, unless you purchase ADD ON.

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